The purpose of the Archive is to conserve and enhance the work of Gabriele Basilico.

As a natural continuation of the work of the Basilico Studio, the Archive conserves the negatives, contact prints, slides and prints produced by Gabriele Basilico from 1970 to 2013. It curates his image, organizes exhibitions and coordinates the publication of books by and about him.

It maintains a dialogue with students, researchers and collectors.

Throughout his career Gabriele Basilico created a systematic archive of his work. Initially he used a chronological numbering system, subsequently switching to a serial numbering for each individual project.

Gabriele Basilico’s works are printed either by the Archive or by the Laboratorio De Stefanis in Milan. Up to 2010 they were printed in 1/15 editions and subsequently in 1/10 editions.

The Archivio Basilico can on request provide authentication certificates for works by Gabriele Basilico purchased from private galleries in Italy or abroad, or from auctions. For further information contact: info@archiviogabrielebasilico.it